Our main focus is on running, simply because we see running as a basic physical activity readily available and affordable to everyone. Our programs are tailored to each individual.
We also promote healthy eating habits with a focus on whole foods plant-based diet, as well as spiritual development by incorporating meditation and similar techniques in a person's daily life.
We have helped individuals, who had never run, to prepare and successfully complete a marathon, all within 4 months period. We coached group of runners for DC Road Runners Club as they were getting ready for their fall marathons. We advised, motivated, and supported others in their weight loss endeavors. We encouraged and assisted some to adopt meditation, which resulted in a great stress reduction and improvement of overall well-being.​
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Organization of running events: 
Our running events (some people call them races) are aimed to give as many people as possible opportunity to participate and be active. Event are always community oriented, inviting individuals as well as companies and organizations to join forces in an effort to benefit entire community. 
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Principles of Gift Economy:
According to Wikipedia "gift economy, gift culture, or gift exchange is a mode of exchange where valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards.”

We believe in gift economy and thus bring (in most cases) our services as a gift to people. If people find them valuable they will send a gift they deem appropriate back in our direction. 
So, how does that look in practice, you may ask. In principle it goes like this: you ask us to assist you in your effort to prepare for a marathon, for example. We prepare a plan and help you implement it. During the process or after its completion you decide, based on your satisfaction with the work done, your perception of the impact of our assistance, which will result in a certain level of gratitude, and based on you momentary abilities, what would be appropriate gift you wish to return. It's as simple as that.

Please send as a note if there are any questions.

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Our Path

Get Up And Go Coaching, LLC is relatively young entity with some great and valuable experiences in coaching and organizing athletic events.

On a large scale, we believe the "western" way of life is not sustainable and some great changes will be required in order to improve that, Those changes will be a result of many small and seemingly insignificant modification that will take place on a very personal level within each individual. We believe, our approach is one of those that lead into that direction: improving our well-being by focusing on physical, mental and spiritual dimension of our lives. 

we don't claim we have all the answers but are confident that we have found few, which can help on the journey.

Rise, Run, and Shine