Rise, Run, and Shine


Here is the gist of our coaching offer:

- online and in-person coaching (NOVA only).

- programs for primarily novice runners but will also assist intermediate and advanced runners

- programs for various distances from "just want to run a little" and 5K to half and full marathon and beyond,

- individuals and groups (up to 4 people)

- program(s) price(s): gifts are accepted (read Gift Economy Principles here) and can be sent via PayPal (choose option "send money" to GetUpAndGoCoaching@gmail.com) or cash/check (payable to Get Up and Go Coaching, LLC).

Suggested Gift Values for Coaching Options
OptionOnline Online / In-person

- intake session,

- plan preparation (monthly), 

- weekly emails (up to 3)

- weekly phone conversation (up to 15 min)

- group training runs (if any available)

- intake session with speed assessment at TJHSST

- plan preparation (monthly)

- weekly emails (up to 3)

- weekly phone conversations (up to 15 min)

- group training runs (if any available)

- monthly running session at TJHSST (60 min)

1 months$10- $100$150 - $250
3 months$100 - $250$360 - $600

- send all questions/requests/inquiries to info@GetUpAndGoCoaching.com


Since 2007 when I started running I had a chance to assist a few people achieve their running goals. Here is a short list:

- my own coach since 2007 and have been able to get me from a complete running novice to experienced ultrarunner and RRCA certified coach.

- helped individuals, who had never run, to prepare and successfully complete a marathon, all within 4 months period.

- coached runners for DC Road Runners Club as they were getting ready for their fall marathons.

- advised, motivated, and supported others in their weight loss endeavors. 

- encouraged some to adopt meditation, which resulted in a great stress reduction and improvement of overall well-being.

- RRCA Certified Coach since 2014