​​                                    Principles of Gift Economy:
In today's world "gifting" may sound as a strange concept or at least unfamiliar and that is not unusual since we are so used to exchange economy, in which products and services are available in exchange for money. In gift economy products and services are available as a gift. However, that doesn't mean they are free. In gift economy motivation is no longer necessarily about money. Instead, a person/organization is serving larger ideals: fostering gratitude, honoring friendship, serving connection to their community etc.
There are two main themes in gift economics: the first is service and the second is trust. First you do the work, hand it to your client or customer, and then ask them to assess their feeling of gratitude based upon their means and their satisfaction with the project. This may be a vulnerable and uncertain time, but even if the financial return is a disappointment, you never know what will come in the future: recommendations, new clients, food, emergency help, a second or third payment, connections with people important to you, etc.
So, how does that look in our case, Here are a couple of examples:

  • you may ask us to assist you in your effort to prepare for a marathon:. We prepare a plan and help you implement it. During the process or after its completion you decide, based on your satisfaction with the work done, your perception of the impact of our assistance, which will result in a certain level of gratitude, and based on you momentary abilities, what would be appropriate gift you wish to return.
  • we organize a running festival and invite people to join. Your participation itself is already a gift back to us. However, before, during or after the event you may also attach, based on your past or present experience, a value that the event represents to you and consequently, according to your financial condition, send a corresponding gift to us.

It's as simple as that.

If you are interested to learn more about Gift Economy get you can just google it. There is enormous amount of information on the topic available. There are also few book out there, we started with Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein.

We encourage everyone to look in that direction and possibly more people will adopt this idea and implemented it in their lives.​

Rise, Run, and Shine